Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stupid‘s Chuah

i hate myself,
n i'm also hated by the social...

i will only take care on others
but what i received is just
nothing! nothing!
no one will stand on my side n give me support;
no one can understand me

although sometimes i can be so crzy
but suddenly can be so serious
sometimes can be in happy mood
but suddenly change into bad mood

(no one realize on this)
i know u hate me
plz forgive me

recently i found that;
i can't find back last times the happiness
bcoz all my hopes n direction had said Goodbye to me
i'm sad...

can anyone tell me what is Happy?
y i can't find it back?

never mind although i'm sad,
i still hv to make my ppl around me
bcoz i don't like to see them sad

like me...
i want them to be the happiest ppl in this world...

[about one month ltr, i will start my school n hopes that everythg is fine]